Early Reviews

“Prepare to dive into a culture both familiar and exotic. Greif has a keen eye for the tribal behavior of surfers and their pursuit of (mis)adventure. This book is a lot of fun.” Linda Peterson, Author of The Devil’s Interval. Portland, ¬†Oregon

“Stand By Me” meets “Dog Town & Z-Boy’s.” Bruce has captured the flavor of the time perfectly. I read straight through and was sad when it was over. I can only hope he is working on a sequel.” Kay Clark, surf Mom. Ventura, Ca.

“Highly entertaining. I’ve never surfed, but this book made me wish I did. Considering I am too old to start, I will read it again, and buy copies for my grandsons.” Bob Weiseneck, Chicago, Ill.

“Easy read, very entertaining, especially if you’re from Ventura. Surf’s up!” Ree, Ventura, Ca.

“I had so much fun hanging out with these kids. If you’ve never surfed you’ll feel like you have after reading this. I can’t think of a better way to start off summer.” Renee Corbridge, Portland, Oregon.


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